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Question Authentic UFO or alien videos?
does anyone know any other then that peepin tom one, Any good conspiracy vids id like too.

Best Answer No, there are no authentic UFO videos. There are only hoaxes, mistaken identifications, and inclusive little blotches. The so-called peeping tom video was pretty quickly dismissed; that's why you don't see it around much anymore. The proponent never really explained why he had a video camera set up to point at his window so that it "happened" to catch the alien peeping through it. People just don't randomly set up video cameras pointing to random windows of their houses for hours on end. Believers claimed the video couldn't be a hoax because it was too sophisticated, and would require top-notch Hollywood effects wizards. That too was soundly refuted when convincing replicas of the video were created and published within HOURS of the "original" video's release, requiring budgets of less than $100. And finally the proponent's insistence that people had to pay him to license the video for television use makes it pretty clear what his motive was. This video had "hoax" written all over it from Day One. Since the advent of desktop video and the prevalence of digital image generation, we've had a whole lot of hoaxes. Just shows how desperate some people are to believe in little green men. Oops, I guess they're gray these days. EDIT 1: So FIRST you have to believe in little space aliens. Then when you see something in the sky, you can say that it's a space-alien ship, because "seeing is believing." That's blatantly circular reasoning. You might as well say UFOs are the chariots of Nargles, and your proof that Nargles exist is to look at their chariots. If you pay attention to Y!A, you'll find that most people accept the possibility of life elsewhere. But whether that life is visiting Earth is another story. When you look for evidence of such visitation, all you see is people trying to make a buck or draw some attention, always offering a smidgen of information there or a bit of conjecture there -- never anything that science can look at, but just enough to get gullible people to take them seriously. The "UFOs are alien spacecraft!" crowd have been pushing that theory for 60 years, and in that time they have come absolutely no closer to a conclusion now than they were 60 years ago. We just have 60 years' worth of handwaving, blatantly circular reasoning, cherry-picked claims, amateur investigative techniques, and accusations of government coverups. Had that since the 1940s -- not interested.
Question Real UFO video .....?
in 2008 my friend recorded this video. even i do not know what these things realy are. it is not at all a fake I myself was present at the moment and I was pretty shocked. what do you think is it ?. please give intelligent answers don't tell me they were lanterns cause lanterns don't hover this way and they don't dissapear and reappear again. the link is here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSKu2tlgoRY they are not even landing lights. the area behind is a forest there is no way for an aircraft to land there.

Best Answer I'm not sure what you and Sanjana saw. The same exact night, Jan 26th 2008, there was a UFO spotted in Mexico filmed by several people. At first, it looked like a meteor (actually 2 separate meteors) because they had a fire trail, but then one of them clearly changed direction in mid flight! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azslxquRHt0&feature=player_embedded 20 days before that, one of the better documented UFO cases happened in Stephenville Texas and flew over George Bush's ranch house in Crawford, Texas. This UFO sighting made national news because of the number of people that saw it and the military clearly chased the craft and it was all captured on radar. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4556325021369414458&ei=XTI7S8C4L87_lQfV-_S7Dw&q=stephenville+texas&hl=en# What you saw in India doesn't have an apparent answer by any manmade objects. These are clearly not landing lights because some of the lights are shooting off at incredible speeds in random directions. They wouldn't be lanterns for the same reason. This qualifies as the very small percentage of UFO sightings that cannot be explained in terrestrial terms. You may have authentic video of something not from this planet.
Question Is there any real ufo videos?
Are sea monsters real

Best Answer Ask and you shall receive. I think Yahoo only allows 10 links. UFOs filmed by NASA from the Space Shuttle and other missions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlLN_Jcg1pc UFO Truth & Lies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OT9yd7JAlw Aliens Spacecraft Literally Mocking NASA During It's Space Shuttle Mission: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGLmJPBipFM&NR=1 Best video ever made on the subject. "Out of the Blue". Astronauts, generals, top officials reveal major UFO cover-up. If you only watch 1 video, this is it. 1.5 hours long: http://personalgrowthcourses.net/video/ufo_videos Apollo 10 Coverup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAp2Ni9frJE&feature=channel "It is the most monumental coverup in human history": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpbyEDXvcQQ UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5980990221766439646&ei=icwLSrXvGobiqgKLjN2ADA&q=ufo+greatest+story+ever+denied# Japan Airlines Incident. Actual cockpit recordings, UFO confirmed on military radar, flight was deviated, US Military pilot confirmed sighting, FAA Chief of Investigations confirmed CIA confiscated all FAA's recordings and covered up the entire incident: http://realufos.ning.com/video/1986-japan-airline-1628 NASA STS-88: Black Transforming UFO. NASA says it is space junk. YOU be the judge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsAQB20gFPA I have much more. Contact me via e-mail if you are interested.
Question Is this ufo video real?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjGYSGbAEUM this is a video on ufos i don't think its real but there are so many likes on the video than dislikes im thinking i might be wrong but if this is fake it has been put together by a genius.

Best Answer I just watched the whole video and it gave me shivers down my spine, i like those kind of videos. I don't believe that they're all real and genuine, but what i do know it that the government is obviously hiding something from us all and it's only a matter of time until we all find out what it is they're hiding. The phone call in the video is the best part, it sound real and it is weird how the line got cut off, it's like the government heard the keywords and cut it off. Some of the UFO clips were quite convincing though, like the spiralling one and the cloud bubble one near the beginning. Hope i helped.
Question nasa video of(ufo) changing Direction?
Im shure many of you have seen the video of an object in space changing direction just be for something shoots up from the earth.has that ever been explained? http://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN0XnDJKdWo DID NOT KNOW THERE WERE BUG OUT THERE,TKS

Best Answer The video was very interesting. I did some research and found this interesting article relating to the video sighting… by Dr. John C. "Jack" Kasher, PhD, whom is an authority on UFOs and a professor of physics and astronomy at the U of Nebraska at Omaha. One of his research projects has been to analyze the UFOs appearing on video footage taken by NASA during Discovery Space Shuttle Mission STS-48. On September 15, 1991, between 20:30 and 20:45 Greenwich Mean Time, the TV camera located at the back of Space Shuttle Discovery's cargo bay was trained on the Earth's horizon while the astronauts were occupied with other tasks. A glowing object suddenly appeared just below the horizon and slowly moved from right to left and slightly upward in the picture. Several other glowing objects had been visible before this, and had been moving in various directions. Then a flash of light occurred at what seemed to be the lower left of the screen; and the main object, along with the others, changed direction and accelerated away sharply, as if in response to the flash. Shortly thereafter a streak of light moved through the region vacated by the main flash, and then another streak moved through the right of the screen, where two of the other objects had been. Roughly 65 seconds after the main flash, the TV camera rotated down, showing a fuzzy picture of the side of the cargo bay. It then refocused, turned toward the front of the cargo bay, and stopped broadcasting. The film attracted a great deal of attention because of the possibility that the accelerating objects were spacecraft maneuvering out in space away from the Shuttle. Four NASA scientists viewed the videotape and suggested that the objects were ice particles accelerated by the Shuttle's attitude adjustor rockets. Their analysis was qualitative, and did not include any numerical calculations. Further calculations ruled out the ice particle theory. What were the two streaks that passed through the regions vacated by the main object and two of the other objects on the far right? I admit that I am speculating; but one has to at least wonder whether they were some kind of missiles that were fired at the space craft, and that several of the craft changed directions to avoid being hit. Firing missiles is obviously a hostile act with frightening implications. It implies that whoever fired the missiles considered the craft to be a threat, that they had weapons systems that they felt would be capable of hitting the craft, and that spotting the craft was no surprise. It would seem that firing missiles at objects only a mile away from the Shuttle would be very dangerous. If the streaks really were missiles, then it would be suspect that the spacecraft were at least ten miles away from the Shuttle, and probably a lot farther. This means that they were accelerating in a manner that we would normally attribute to extraterrestrial craft, and that would be fatal for any human pilot on the Earth The air glow is a region above the Earth's surface that ends at an elevation of about sixty miles…This will rule out the bug theory. LOL
Question Have you seen the UFO video? Real or not?
Have you seen the video featured on yahoo videos about UFO's over Haiti? Do you think it's real? Also, I wonder what the white objects around the "saucers" towards the end of the video. What is your take on UFO's? I bet those are just newly designed fighter planes or something.

Best Answer It is hard to fake things with our technology thesedays, but even if they are fake it doesn't mean that every bit of footage that has been shot and on record is, nor the millions of pictures taken in the last 60+ years by millions of people.. And what about the millions of people who claim to have been abducted, are we all sharing the same delusion !?!? I have seen perhaps 30-40 UFOs, possibly more, as I stopped counting years ago.. I saw my first UFOs through my bedroom window when I was 8 years old, they were in formation and there were between 5-7 of them, and that night changed my world forever.. When I woke up in the morning I shot straight upright in bed and felt different somehow, and I went and informed my mother that I was no longer going to Sunday School as I no longer believed in any of it..We were not a religious family and my father had died, so that was that, I had no argument from my mother.. Over the next X amount of years I searched for something that I believed in, and at age 13, I discovered Wicca and that felt right to me.. I tried to join a Coven, but at my age and the year being 1970, well, I was a minor and Wicca and Witchcraft was only whispered.. By age 20 I was a 3rd degree Wiccan Priest.. Back to the UFOs, I spent many years as a Diamond Driller in the outback of Australia and I saw may unexplained things, both in the air and on the ground..In 1984 I saw a UFO on the ground, and the only reason I could see it as I was 40 feet in the air, up the mast of my Drill Rig doing a minor repair on night-shift.. I have a witness to this one as my off-sider saw it too..It would take me ages to explain all of that, so I will skip a few hours..When we knocked off at 5:00 AM, I grabbed a torch and a 6 pack of beer and went to have a look for it, and my off-sider said I was mad and no way was he coming with me..The next thing I remember is waltzing back into camp at about 11:00 AM, and I still had 5 beers left, no real memory as to where I had been for the last 6 hours, but I wanted to take the Toyota and go back and have another look, but the Boss said no, so I went to bed, that was in Sth Aust... About 3 months later I was Drilling in Western Aust, and I woke up about 4 -5 miles from camp on the track that lead to the homestead.. I was stark naked, no real idea where I was, and no idea of the time..I took a guess and walked off down the dirt road, with the moon high I could see OK.. I spotted our camp at almost day-light and wandered in, much to the surprise of my work mates.. I would like to say this, the country I was in was desert country, quite rocky and lots of spinifex, very prickley..I was unscathed, when I began my walk back to camp, I only hurt myself on the walk back, so how did I get to where I was in the first place ?? No I don't sleep walk, no drugs or beer were involved.. You see when they abduct you, you always have what we call "missing time", and they don't always put you back from where they took you... That is only 2 of my abductions, I am a multiple abductee, and would not have any idea as to how many times they have taken me, as you don't always remember the missing time.. The last time they took me was about 4 months ago, as I was driving home from the City, as I still live in the bush.. This is a first for me as far as I know, I have 4 hours missing time, and I woke up in my car parked on the side of the road on the wrong highway, to get to my town, as a matter of fact I was about 45-50 Kms from where I should have been.. The clock in my car, was 4 hours slow and my trip meter didn't add up when I did the calculations the next day... The above events are true, and I have many more, and there are many I would not remember as well.. One day I will go under hypnosis and have the last 42 years of my abductions put on tape or CD... I am 50 and they have taken me since I was 8, and my baby sister has confided in me, she thinks she has also been taken... Please take this seriously, they are here, and for whatever reason, they take us, millions of us share this experience, and I am not afraid of them, I don't think they mean us any harm, if they did, I think we would know by now.. Blessed Be... )O(
Question Want Opinions and Analysis Of This Claimed UFO Videos?
http://www.aolnews.com/weird-news/article/ufo-sightings-first-china-and-manhattan-now-el-paso-and-richmo/19681647 Interesting Article!!!! Interesting Video. Would think that the falling objects were space junk even after it splits into 3, but anyone care to explain the 3 (then 4) objects stopping and hoovering and the same thing (more or less) happening in multiple locations? Comments! and please take the time to explain your analysis even if you wish reference time markers in the video - treat this as a scientific analysis and as the teacher said to all of us in school, show your work. Hopefully one way or the other someone can give proof that this is or is not the air show..... i seen so much conflicting info on this is baffling. All links to info please submit as want the best evidence possible (i have no set conclusion what this is and am sincerely asking for all links)

Best Answer As far as in falling Sky Divers with Flares...there is a big flaw to this, Flares that are falling would have a continues tail....just like this video shows http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=de_XMbHJQIQ&feature=related . But then again it just might be right.....the best way is to compare the UFO video and this one to be the Acclaimer paratroopers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17BS0muHByM that did a similar night. Another flaw is the fact that they say it was a airplane show, clearly there is no sound of Airplanes as shown in this one is quite the opposite http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eedw1mKbz2M . Another thing is why the constant switch in story, First Airplane show...next Sky Divers, whats next
Question what do you think of the UFO video?

Best Answer Same old stuff, and aided by a little false reporting. First of all, these are not recently released videos. I have seen almost all of them. The tether incident was over two years ago and I saw all those clips back then. The claim that there is no official NASA explanation for these little dots is also a lie. They have been explained by NASA and other credible experts like James Oberg. But anyone with some common sense and even a *little* bit of knowledge about photography would recognize these as tiny pieces of ice or dust, most of which are too faint for the naked eye to see, but which can be seen using CCD or NIGHT VISION technology. And this is exactly what reveals them. No, the idiot making the report is wrong in saying they were trying to focus on the debris. They were focusing on the tether and experimenting with exposure and zoom. In fact, the tiny pieces of debris got way out of focus because they were close and the camera had to be set on infinity. These videos are numerous and they are the result of these tiny bits of ice seen through a highly light-sensitive camera with digital enhancement. Undaunted by facts, UFO fans continue to try to make something out of them. Yes, sometimes they move different directions. They have their own independent motion and they are blown around by thrusters. You have NO perspective when seeing these videos so it is impossible to tell accurate direction and distance. The reason they look like round translucent blobs is because they are very close and out of focus. The dark center and the "notch" on one side are exactly what such out of focus dots would look like.
Information about the ufo video. We searched for pictures on the UFO topic and compiled it here. I am sure UFOs exist out there and it is only a question of time until we will see a real good UFO video with a proof of alien ships or ufo crafts filmed in daylight or already ufo aliens exiting their crafts.

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